This is the private blog of Cordelia Krooß. A communications professional with more than 15 years experience, she now works as an Enterprise Enterprise Community Manager at BASF. Her academic background in Biology helps her to understand the constantly transforming ecosystems of human networks.

She is passionate about empowering people, communications, family, friends & music. And she is not afraid of technology – most of the times.  Should you wonder why Cordelia blogs (and twitters) as Shakespeare’s Daughter – ask your English teacher or look up on “King Lear”.

DISCLAIMER: This personal blog reflects her private views, not necessarily those of the company she works for.

You can connect with Cordelia on Twitter, LinkedIn and XING.

If you understand German – and are interested in small-town-politics – you can also check out the Wachtenblog.

Cordelia is member of the Adoption 2.0 Council.


12 responses to “About

  1. …have you ever been to Stratford-upon-Avon 🙂 , that you can have the courage to name yourself Shakespeare’ daughter…you are not the kind of person which I could imaging living there…Warwickshire’s citizens are totally different to your way of living…I cant’ really describe them, but they have something really mystery in their way of living…the same mystery Shakespeare has for me…

    …I would call myself “King Lear’s daughter”…

    • Hi Petra, nice to see you here too :-). No, I have not yet been to Stratford-upon-Avon. I’m more interested in Shakespeare’s works. I’ve read some of Shakespeare’s plays, seen more of them performed (including King Lear, of course).

      On thing that intrigues me about Shakespeare: Though he generally did not give much room to female characters in his plays, he again and again explored the father-daughter relationship. This might have been influenced by the fact that the poet himself had two daughters (his only son died at eleven – and notably there are many fragile boys in Shakespeare’s plays).

      As a typical pattern for fathers and daughters, Shakespeare introduces a middle-aged man, often a widower, with an adolescent daughter on the brink to womanhood. Usually this daughter has been well-protected throughout her childhood. Now she starts to make her own desicions, to follow her heart in a way that is not appreciated by the father.

      If you are interested in this topic, the book “Shakespeare’s Daughters” by Sharon Hamiton could be an intriguing read for you (I like it very much). She explores the father-daughter relationships in 14 plays: “Romeo and Juliet”, “A Midsummernight’s Dream”, “Othello”, you name it. She also covers “King Lear” and his three very different daughters.

      There’s a reason why I would never call myself “King Lear’s Daughter”: My father, who came up with the name “Cordelia” for me, was not a King Lear at all. If I should pick a Shakespearean Father for him, it would be Prospero (“The Tempest”), whom Sharon Hamilton marks as “able mentor”.

      My father influenced me a lot. He would have appreciated what I do now. Yesterday was the 10th day of his death. My Twitter handle “ShakespDaughter” (that’s where the blog title comes from) is dedicated to him.

  2. …my respect for cherishing your father…

    …I haven’t really thought about comparing your father with King Lear, sorry…

    …I’ve only thought about Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick and the mystery I felt beeing there about twenty years ago…

  3. Considering the way you describe it – maybe I should visit Stratford-upon-Avon some time! 🙂

  4. I just arrived in Chiang Mai. I wanted to post on my blog, at Blogspot, but all of the headings are now in Thai, not English. Is the problem with my computer, or the hotel’s wi-fi service, or what? How can I get things back to English again?.

  5. I’m currently using a classic blogger template and I would like to know how you put an rss feed on it. Normally, blogger has an rss feed avaliable on the newer templates but my blog doesn’t have one. Also, is there some sort of widget I could also install for followers?.

  6. The template I made doesn’t have any code in it about the navbar. I’d like to bring it back. What code do I put in to show the Navbar in blogger?.

  7. I just need to know how to get a website started. I want to make a fan site for a new band. I know that I have to pay for a domain, but I’m confused about how to purchase & build a website. Help please? Thanks in advance! (:. Thanks everyone! (:.

  8. What are some really good poetry blogs or websites to post journal entries?

  9. I currently am running two blogs, one is for design & development and I have a pagerank of 4 on it and I have loads of good articles. . And I have another blog where I have rants, health tips and photography.. . Should I merge them or should I keep it seperate?.

  10. When trying to publish a book wouldn’t you protect your story or content with a copyright?

  11. How to transfer a Joomla website from one computer to another? from one host to another?

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